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New Push-in connections

New Fast Coupling / Uncoupling system

New Push-in connections

3 Marzo 2017

ODE presents the new solenoid valves AP and JP series in Technopolymer with push-in connections for fast coupling / uncoupling… 

After the PPS statement as one of the best performing material for the solenoid valves manufacturing, ODE is pleased to introduce the new fast coupling / uncoupling “Push-in”, developed for the existing AP and JP Technopolymer series 2/2 way and 3/2 way. The push-in fitting system stems from the quick links with small flexible polymer tubes, for which it would not have been possible a threaded joint. These fittings allow an instant junction of the valve through a small tube pressure. The main innovation lies in the integration of the fitting push-in directly in the valve body; otherwise it would have been necessary to purchase and the addition of further threaded connections that would have resulted in the increase of costs, installation time and overall dimensions. The technical valves characteristics of the new AP and JP series with fast coupling Push-in are similar to those of the same series with G 1/8 and G ¼ pipes. By means of connections “Push-in” is now possible to connect the solenoid valves in Tecnopolymer 21AP, 31AP, 21JP and 31JP series with flexible hoses in PTFE and PA with diameter Ø 4mm, 6mm and 8mm. Among the main applications in which the new push-in fitting series can be mounted we mention the coffee or vending machines for the water supply, juices or drinks, reverse osmosis, the different exhaust systems for sanitary fittings, refrigerators dispenser, misting systems at low pressure for the fruit and vegetable washing.

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