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ODE presents the new 21YC-21YN for steam

2/2 way indirect acting solenoid valves in brass

New 21YC-21YN Series for steam

22 Giugno 2017

ODE presents the new 21YC-21YN (Gas and NPT series), 2/2 way indirect acting solenoid valves in brass, available in the normally closed and normally open versions, dampness-proof IP67.
The new 21YC-21YN series is a development of the already known 21YW series, specifically designed for steam applications. Infact the new 21YC-21YN looks like the 21YW since design and dimensions remain unchanged, but internally important changes have been implemented to improve the efficiency of steam management. A surface steel sliding chamber has been inserted which, with the addition of teflon coating, is capable withstanding the high temperatures, ensuring so a constant sliding level in all operating conditions. The same treatment was carried out on the lower piston guide. At last to make the valve more durable and resistant to very heavy applications, a stainless steel orifice has been added to ensure the best seal over time on the teflon gasket.

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