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New 21W8 and 21W9

Series Extension with 2 1/2" and 3" GAS and NPT pipes for High Flow rates

New 21W8 and 21W9

11 Gennaio 2017

ODE presents the new 21W8 and 21W9 2/2 way normally closed indirect acting brass solenoid valves, as the 21W-WN series extension with 2 1/2″ and 3″ GAS and NPT pipes valves for high flow rates.
The new solenoid valves 21W8/21W9 2/2 way normally closed represent the extension of the Ode brass series 21WA-W-WN indirect acting. The launch of the connection diameters 2 1/2″ and 3″ GAS and NPT pipes for domestic applications use and in large water and industrial plants where higher flow rates are required.
New 21W8/21W9 GAS and corresponding versions with NPT thread 21WN10/21WN11 are distinguished from the other valves of the same W-WN series with lower connection diameters, for high flow rates and high M.O.P.D. that they are able to manage.
The main advantages of the new 21W8/21W9 are the water hammer reduction thanks to the use of calibrated nozzles, the anti dirt filter slot on the nozzles. A flow rate among the highest in the solenoid valves market and a M.O.P.D. reaching 5 bar for the standard version and 15 bar for the high pressure version, while still maintaining a very low value about the minimum operating pressure, respectively of 0,3 and 3 bar.
New 21W8/21W9 are versatile as particularly suited to various sectors such as irrigation systems, aqueducts, water plants, pumping stations, fire-fighting and anti-flood systems, waste water management, cooling systems, thermal plants of large size and other general applications for large pipelines.

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