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Instruction sheets

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Instruction for change ASV from N.C. to N.O.

Istruzioni-per-trasformare-la-21IA-da-N.C.-a-N.A..pdf1.14 MB398

Instruction sheet for solenoid valves with ATEX approval Ex d - code 300046

Instruction-Sheet-for-Atex-Ex-d.pdf683.22 KB323

Instruction sheet for water hammer regulation kit - code 300076

Instruction-sheet-for-water-hammer-regulation-kit.pdf251.24 KB266

Instructions for electronic control unit for proportional solenoid valves (ECU) - code 300060

Foglio-Istruzioni-ECU.pdf235.06 KB29

Instructions for pressure transducer - code 300058

Istr.trasduttore-pressione-1.pdf248.68 KB16

Instructions sheet for ATEX Ex mb solenoid valves - code 300039

Instruction-Sheet-for-Atex-Ex-mb.pdf527.57 KB292

Instructions sheet for solenoid valves with ATEX approval Ex-nA - code 300061

Foglio-Istruzioni-Ex-nA.pdf222.45 KB262


Instruction-Sheet-Timer.pdf200.09 KB229

Operating instruction for angle seat valve series 21IA (N.C. and N.O.) - code 300044

Foglio-manuinstall_ASV.pdf347.5 KB21

Operating instruction for proportional valve series 21IA (VERSION N.C.) - code 300072

Proportional-Operating-Instruction-for-21IA-1.pdf346.65 KB13

Operating instruction for valve series 21IA ATEX (version N.C., N.O., proportional and double effect) - code 300063

Instruction-sheet_ASV_Ex.pdf.pdf216.93 KB15

Operating instruction for valve series 21IA Ø 50mm (N.C.) - code 300059

Foglio-manuinstall_ASV_50mm.pdf196.95 KB23

Operating instruction for valve series 21IA with electrical position indicators (N.C. and N.O.) - code 300049

Operating-Instruction-for-21IA-with-Position-Indicator.pdf351.05 KB228

Operating Instructions for valve series 21IA Ø 50mm Proportional - code 300073

Foglio-manuinstall_ASV_50mm.pdf196.95 KB22

Standard solenoid valves instruction sheet - code 300037

standard-solenoid-valves-instruction-sheet-1.pdf428.75 KB31